Welcome To rdegree

Rdegree is my personal website, which includes my blog, my information, and interesting links to places I frequently visit or refer to.

My name is Otto Rask (often referred to only as Rask), and I love to design for the web on my free time, play computer games and do some hobbyist artist work (photography and music, for instance). You can read more about me and rdegree on the about page. Enjoy your stay.

Recent Blog Entries

Joined Twitter & New Space Art

April 7th, 2009

At last I managed to get myself to join Twitter. Seems okay, and got already two followers (whom I follow too). Last night I also made a new space art image. I came out okay, I think.

Portfolio Up And Running And A Small Design Update

April 5th, 2009

My portfolio has been uploaded to the server for you all to see. I made it separate from this blog site, just to help me a bit to run it. You also might’ve noticed some changes here at rdegree. Yep, I updated the design a bit. Some graphics can do wonders to a simple design like the old version.

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