Huge Discount For UT3 On Steam And A Free UT3 Weekend

Steam is offering Unreal Tournament 3 Black (which means UT3 and the newly released Titan Pack integrated with it) for an amazingly low price: only 12 god damn real euros! Also, Steam users can get a free try of UT3 for the rest of the week. Great news!

Previously the price of Unreal Tournament 3 on Steam was around 20 euros, but now they’ve really surprised me: get the game and the new Titan Pack (together called UT3 Black) for a mere 11,99€ (but be quick, the deal ends March 15th)! The Titan Pack includes new gametypes, maps and much more, you can read more about it in my earlier post.

And that’s not it yet, Steam offers a free tryout of UT3 for the rest of this week for all Steam users interested about UT3. If you have a Steam account, you can play UT3 for free for the rest of the week! Just join Steam and get playing! Be sure to take advantage of the great deal mentioned above if you like the game.

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