School’s Done, For Now

Had my last senior high exam today. Extended maths isn’t my favorite, but I hope it’d pass, just to give me a ticket forwards. Before hopping the next step in education, I’m heading to an (mandatory) army holiday.

Whew, senior high school is finished! Three years have passed and here I am. More educated again and ready for new stuff.

I took six final exams, of which three were held last fall, rest this winter. I participated in the exams of History, Geography, English, Finnish, Physics and Extended Maths. I did somewhat well on classes too, gaining me a grade average of a bit over 8 (B-C for you who use alphabets). What’s left are the grand graduation parties and formalities. Unless I failed the damn maths. Let’s hope not.

I’m planning on keeping a long holiday before July 13th, the day I join the Finnish national army ranks. That lasts between half a year to a year. After that I’m headed to polytechnic schooling, concetrating on either media or information technology. Interesting things ahead, I might say.

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