About rdegree

Rdegree is my personal website, blog or whatever you want to call it. Rdegree has been around since late winter 2008, but sadly, I neglected it a bit. Until now, with a new design and a new WordPress installation a year later (winter 2009), it looks good, feels good, and doesn’t smell bad anymore!

At rdegree, I write about things that interest me, be it gaming, computing, designing, arts or whatever. I bet you’ll mostly see things about gaming and game modding around here. Rdegree offers a Worth A Look section for you to browse links to places I like and support.

Later on I might add a portfolio to rdegree, to display my skills and competence. That’ll be a while though, as I have to get the site running otherwise first.

About Me

Who are you?
My name is Otto Rask, I was born in 1990 and I live in Finland.

What do you do?
I’m a hobbyist artist. I design and code (XHTML/CSS and a bit of knowledge on other languages) for the web, photograph, paint digital imagery and compose elctronic music. When I’m not doing any of those, I play and mod video games, hang out with my buddies, surf the web and spend quality time with my girlfriend.

Why do you do these things?
Not sure, perhaps there is a small artist in everyone, but mines a bit wider. I enjoy doing creative stuff, although often times I can’t anything done! I feel I need to create something to feel good. If I lay in bed for days without doing anything I feel stupid. And coding web pages—whatever anyone says—is fun!

Where are you headed?
Right now I’m finishing senior high school. After that I’m going to the army (mandatory in Finland) and spend half a year there, maybe one year if I’m lucky. When that’s over, I’m planning on getting a degree at a polytechnic, concentrating on the media industry, perhaps the IT department. I wish to become a full-time web designer/front-end coder when I “grow up”.

How can I contact you?
My email is always open, so send a mail to ojrask@gmail.com to get in touch. Otherwise I can be seen at Facebook, deviantART, BeyondUnreal Forums and Epic Games Forums.